Why choose our SmartCloser System?

SAVE ENERGY- Dramatically speed-up and improve bricklaying by using the pre-made cavity frame as a template, guaranteeing the opening size.
SAVE ENERGY - Fit windows in seconds with the window acceptor features and accessories of our systems.
SAVE ENERGY - Integrate the closing of the cavity and DPC into the building process from the beginning.
SAVE ENERGY - Enhance CO2 emission performance with the thermal break and secure insulation created by a Cavalok closed wall junction.



Why choose energy-efficient windows?

Our homes and buildings are responsible for almost half of the UKs carbon dioxide (CO) emissions. Whats more, 20 per cent of the heat escaping from an average home is lost through its windows.

Regulatory measures are being brought to bear to help improve energy efficiency in buildings. The Building Regulations relating to new windows in home extensions are becoming increasingly strict, while the Code for Sustainable Homes sets out mandatory energy-efficiency standards for all new-build properties. For commercial and public-sector.



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